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One Piece: Kaido’s Epic Comeback, Explained



Kaido in One Piece

Kaido, once a formidable member of the Four Emperors in One Piece, was a former apprentice of the legendary Rocks Pirates. After the crew disbanded, he formed the Beast Pirates and quickly gained notoriety. Their exploits brought them fame as they wreaked havoc across the seas. However, during the Wano Country arc, Kaido’s reign faced a significant challenge from the Straw Hat Pirates and the rebellion in Wano Country. This unexpected turn of events threatened to undermine his power and reshape his legacy, marking a crucial turning point in his journey.

The Beast Pirates rose to become a Yonko crew. Their target? Wano, a formidable land of samurai in the New World. Kaido, their leader, ruled Wano for two decades until Luffy, of all people, defeated him. The conclusion to Kaido’s tale remains shrouded in mystery. Fans are left wondering: Did he meet his demise, or did he somehow survive?

Kaido’s Goal In One Piece

Kaido's Goal In One Piece

Kaido’s story begins in the Vodka Kingdom of the New World. The kingdom was known for its constant wars for survival, and even as an 8-year-old, Kaido was a valuable asset. However, the kingdom soon realized that Kaido’s power was too great to control. They decided to sell him to the Navy in exchange for a position in the World Council. Despite the Navy’s efforts, Kaido proved too difficult to contain and managed to escape. From then until the age of 15, he rampaged across the sea, deliberately getting captured to replenish his strength and then escaping again. Eventually, he encountered Whitebeard on Pirate Island.

Rocks D. Xebec, the captain of the Rocks Pirates, took an interest in Kaido and made him his apprentice. Kaido spent a considerable amount of time with the Rocks Pirates, and it was during this period that the God Valley Incident took place. On that fateful day, Kaido received the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu Devil Fruit from Big Mom herself.

After a short while, Kaido formed his own crew with a clear life goal in mind. He shared a common desire with many others in One Piece to create a world where everyone is equal. Big Mom, for example, established Totto Land to achieve this goal. Kaido had an intriguing dream of his own. He believed that true equality could only be achieved if the Celestial Dragons, who hold immense power, were dethroned and forced to fight alongside everyone else. According to Kaido, those who fight and survive deserve respect and the right to live.

People who are weak should die. Kaido had a distorted idea of equality, but it was clear to him. That’s why he formed the Beast Pirates. His ultimate goal was to take down the Celestial Dragons, which is surprisingly similar to Luffy’s goal.

At some point, Kaido learned about the legend of Joyboy. He believed for a long time that he was Joyboy himself. When Kaido freed Alber, Alber also thought Kaido was Joyboy and the only one capable of changing the world. However, Kaido eventually realized he wasn’t Joyboy. Nevertheless, he held onto the belief that Joyboy would appear in the future in Wano. This became Kaido’s main reason for staying in Wano, along with creating weapons and establishing a pirate nation.

Convinced that Joyboy would come to Wano, Kaido patiently waited, setting his goal to welcome Joyboy in his own way. According to Kaido, he already knew who Joyboy would be. When King asked, Kaido replied that it would be the person who defeated him. Essentially, Kaido was waiting to be defeated by Joyboy, signaling his return to the world.

Kaido’s Story: How It Ended

Kaido's Story How It Ended in One Piece

The conclusion to Kaido’s story in Wano was fascinating. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates discovered Kaido’s tyranny and resolved to defeat him once and for all. Despite Kaido’s formidable strength, Luffy managed to reach his level and engage him in an intense one-on-one battle. The fight lasted a long time, during which Luffy was still honing his skills to fight like a Yonko. Eventually, he mastered techniques like Conqueror’s Haki Infusion, which he used effectively in the battle. However, even with these newfound abilities, Luffy couldn’t bring down Kaido until his Devil Fruit Awakened. This event marked the arrival of Nika and signaled the realization of Kaido’s vision.

Kaido exerted all his might in a fight against Nika but found himself surprised by Nika’s ability to spread joy and laughter wherever he went, embodying immense freedom. Ultimately, Luffy defeated Kaido with a powerful attack that sent him plummeting into an underground magma pit, the same place where Big Mom had ended up after her defeat by Law and Kid. Kaido and Big Mom are renowned for their incredible toughness, but surviving in a magma crater for extended periods remains nearly impossible.

Big Mom is often likened to an iron balloon, and Kaido possesses dragon-like scales. Fans recall that Oden endured a one-hour boiling with escalating temperatures, raising the possibility that Big Mom and Kaido could also withstand the extreme conditions. However, their chances of survival decrease due to subsequent events. A massive volcanic eruption occurred, causing a mini cataclysm near Udon. Given their exhaustion and injuries, surviving this catastrophe would be exceedingly challenging for both Kaido and Big Mom.

Will Kaido Come Back?

One Piece Will Kaido Come Back

The chances of Kaido and Big Mom surviving the cataclysm are very low. One Piece Fans are hopeful for Kaido’s survival despite its unlikeliness, as they witnessed the Big Mom Pirates engaging in battle against the CP0 near the seas of Wano after the explosion. This indicates that Big Mom’s crew potentially rescued her and ventured outside of Wano in search of her safety. If Big Mom survived, it’s possible that Kaido did too, especially if the Big Mom Pirates saved him.

However, it would make more sense for Kaido to have died. He accomplished his life goals, which included experiencing defeat by Joyboy and desiring a world of equality. Luffy promised to create a world where people can eat as much as they want, fulfilling Kaido’s childhood desire for food. As Kaido reflects on his life, he might realize that his hunger propelled him to become a mercenary and led to his capture by the navy. Despite committing atrocious acts, he would find satisfaction in the world Luffy creates. Considering this, there isn’t much reason for Kaido to return.

If Kaido did survive the end of Wano Arc in One Piece, he might return in the future when Luffy takes on the World Government. As Kaido despises them and wants to overthrow their power, he would likely join forces with Nika and fight alongside them.


Attack On Titan: The Link Between Eren and Birds Explained




Attack On Titan The Link Between Eren and Birds Explained

In Attack on Titan, fans have debated Eren Jaeger’s abilities for a while. The series finale included a scene that left viewers both confused and validated a theory. This scene shed light on a hidden power gained by Eren through his link with Paths, Founder Ymir, and the origin of life. It involved a glowing hallucigenia worm attached to him. This moment revealed a new facet of Eren’s abilities, opening up fresh discussions among fans.

From the very start of the anime, Eren Jaeger’s mysterious connection with birds has captivated fans. Let’s explore this hidden power, what it signifies, and its origins in his character.

Norse mythology on Attack on Titan.

Norse mythology on Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan draws its inspiration from Norse mythology in a remarkable way. The creator, Hajime Isayama, ingeniously weaves elements of this ancient Norse folklore into the series. You’ll notice striking parallels between the Titans and the Jotnar, the giants in Norse myths. Both are colossal beings, embodying immense strength and often depicted as adversaries challenging humanity.

The walls in the anime bear a resemblance to the stronghold of Asgard in Norse mythology. The immense, protective barriers in “Attack on Titan” echo the formidable defenses of Asgard against outside threats.

“Attack on Titan” subtly ties character names and plot elements to Norse myths. Ymir, named after a Norse figure, relates to the Titans’ progenitor. The anime echoes themes of destiny, warfare, and life and death cycles from Norse sagas. This Norse fusion deepens the story, giving it a distinctive edge, setting it apart from other anime.

The Avian Enigma in Attack on Titan: A Feathered Tale

The Avian Enigma in Attack on Titan A Feathered Tale

In the world of Attack on Titan, where colossal titans and humans locked in a brutal struggle dominate the narrative, there’s a peculiar and often overlooked aspect of the story: the presence of birds. These feathered creatures add an extra layer of intrigue to the series. Let’s take a closer look at the role of birds in Attack on Titan and how they contribute to the story’s complexity.

Birds, often seen soaring in the skies of this dystopian world, serve as silent witnesses to the ongoing conflict. In their own way, they become symbolic messengers of the world’s history, carrying secrets and stories through the heavens.

One noteworthy instance is the occasional appearance of birds during pivotal moments in the series. Birds like ravens, sparrows, or eagles fly over the landscapes where titans roam. They act as a natural contrast to the massive, lumbering titans, emphasizing the grandeur of the world and highlighting the smallness of humanity in the face of these colossal beings.

Additionally, birds serve as a reflection of freedom and captivity in Attack on Titan. As humans within the walls long for the freedom to explore the world beyond, birds symbolize this longing. Their flight represents the unattainable freedom that the characters yearn for and the beauty of the world they can’t fully experience due to the threat of titans.

Moreover, the birds’ ability to navigate the skies becomes a source of hope for the characters. They symbolize the possibility of overcoming the oppressive titan regime. As Eren and his comrades strive to uncover the truth and defeat their titan oppressors, the sight of birds provides a glimmer of hope, reminding them of the world they are fighting to protect.

Birds in Attack on Titan may not steal the spotlight, but they add depth and symbolism to the series. They remind us of humanity’s quest for freedom and the beauty of the world they fight to regain. When watching Attack on Titan, notice the birds flying above—they’re more than scenery. They symbolize hope and freedom in a world dominated by titans.

Eren’s Bond with Birds

Eren’s Bond with Birds

Through unique paths, Eren became connected to all Eldians, whether human or titan, influencing their actions. He established a link to the origin of life and eventually became associated with birds, observing the history of the Eldian conflict through their perspective.

Eren saw history not through his young eyes, as he missed most, nor Eldians’, but through free birds that saw the Titan Curse unfold over two thousand years. Over time, his final wish got woven into a bird, wrapping that scarf around Mikasa for the last time.

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One Piece: Who is Bogard? Right-hand man of Monkey D. Garp




One Piece Who is Bogard Right-hand man of Monkey D. Garp

One Piece is famous for having lots of characters. More than a thousand named characters have appeared in the series so far. Many fans like the main characters, like the Straw Hat Pirates, the Worst Generation, and important enemies. But there are also characters that fans love who don’t appear much, like Shanks, Monkey D. Dragon, and Monkey D. Garp. Even though they aren’t shown much, many fans really like them. Besides them, there are even less well-known characters who have their own small group of devoted fans.

Bogard is a lesser-known character in One Piece, often seen as the right-hand man of Marine Hero Garp. He doesn’t have much screen time or spoken lines. Even his rank in the Marines is a mystery. Fans mainly know him because of his association with Garp. He’s been by the Hero of the Marines since Gol D. Roger’s days, showing he’s a trusted comrade. Although his skills likely match his role as Vice Admiral, it’s unclear why he’s so popular among One Piece fans.

Appearance and Personality

One Piece Who is Bogard

Bogard is a tall guy, about half a head taller than Monkey D. Garp, who’s a bit shorter than Kuzan. He’s got short hair. He wears a marine coat on his shoulders and a matching beige suit and hat that shades his eyes.

His katana is on his left side, hooked to his belt with a brown strap. The sword has a grey handle, a golden cross-shaped guard, and a deep green cover. Bogard often looks serious, with the corners of his mouth pointing down, even when he was a young marine. When he does smile, it’s more like a smirk.

Bogard seems very faithful to Garp. He’s often with Garp, the vice admiral, in the series, and he’s usually very quiet. He only talks when it’s really important. Bogard likes smoking a special pipe called kiseru. He was smoking it when Garp tested Koby and Helmeppo, showing how calm and collected he is.

Abilities and Powers

bogard one piece

Bogard appears to be very good with a special kind of weapon called a sword. When Morgan broke free and attacked Garp, Bogard quickly went for his katana, a type of sword, to strike Morgan right away. He’s really skilled with it. He showed this skill when he sliced Koby’s guns into small pieces without hurting Koby, and he did it very fast. Later, he taught Koby and Helmeppo how to use swords, and he did it with just one hand, even though he’s not as good with his less dominant hand. When Morgan attacked Garp, Bogard used his right hand to grab his sword, even though he usually carries it on the left. This suggests that he’s probably mostly right-handed.

Bogard plays a big role in various arcs of the One Piece World

Bogard plays a big role in various arcs of the One Piece World

After not being in One Piece for a long time, Bogard is coming back. In the Egghead Island Arc, Monkey D. Garp and some Marines attack Hachinosu to free Koby from the Blackbeard Pirates. The Blackbeard Pirates’ key members aren’t there, but many Ten Titanic Captains are, making it a very risky mission. Bogard is there too, with his friend and leader, getting a chance to use his sword skills.

The One Piece manga doesn’t show much of Bogard’s part in the attack due to the story moving quickly. But in the anime, which often stretches moments for more time, we might see Bogard fight on-screen for the first time. This gives hope to his fans since the East Blue Saga. Even Monkey D. Garp, a strong warrior, needs help against the Blackbeard Pirates. Koby, Helmeppo, and other Marines are there, but experienced fighters like Bogard are crucial.

People are excited about Bogard because of memes and fun, and it’s possible One Piece won’t fully explore his past. But Eiichiro Oda, the creator, pays attention to the fans. Bogard appears in the live-action One Piece and the Egghead Island Arc, so Oda hasn’t forgotten about him. Bogard wears a Marine officer’s jacket, and with a big war looming between the World Government and pirates, his skills will be important soon.

Monkey D. Garp’s situation is uncertain after being caught by the Blackbeard Pirates. But there will likely be a mission to rescue him soon. Bogard might play a part, and fans enjoy guessing what might happen, even though Bogard’s potential isn’t as big as other mysteries in One Piece. It’s still fun to think about.

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Jujutsu Kaisen: Who is Takuma Ino? Explained




Jujutsu Kaisen Who is Takuma Ino Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen, a well-loved Japanese comic and animated show, has many interesting characters. One character that catches people’s interest is Takuma Ino, a talented jujutsu wizard with a special personality and a big part in the story. As a Grade 2 jujutsu wizard, Ino has immersed himself in the mysterious and perilous world of jujutsu since his youth.

Ino is special because of how he acts and how important he is in the story. He’s not like any other character. His connections with other important characters and how he helps during important events make Ino someone you should really know and like.

Apperance and Personality

Ino worries about the number of enemies.

Takuma Ino is a character from the anime and manga series called Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a student at Kyoto Jujutsu High, an institution for sorcerers. In terms of appearance, Takuma Ino is a young man with short, spiky black hair and wears the standard Kyoto Jujutsu High uniform.

Personality-wise, Takuma Ino is known for being confident and somewhat arrogant. He is proud of his abilities as a sorcerer and often displays a competitive and brash demeanor. Ino is also highly ambitious, aiming to prove his strength and worth as a sorcerer. However, like many characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, he also cares deeply for his friends and allies and is willing to support them in battles.

Strength and Abilities

Jujutsu Kaisen Number Two Reiki!

Takuma Ino, possesses formidable strengths and abilities in the realm of jujutsu, a Japanese martial art rooted in combating curses and sorcery. Ino displays expertise in jujutsu techniques, showcasing his proficiency in combat against curses. As a skilled practitioner, he adeptly manipulates cursed energy, a supernatural force utilized to augment both offensive and defensive maneuvers. This ability is a crucial aspect of his effectiveness in battles.

Furthermore, Takuma Ino possesses a unique cursed technique, a specialized jujutsu ability that sets him apart from other sorcerers. While the specifics of this technique are not outlined here, it undoubtedly plays a crucial role in his confrontations with curses and adversaries.

Physical conditioning is another aspect of Ino’s prowess. He maintains a high level of physical strength, agility, and endurance, essential attributes for engaging in combat effectively. These traits complement his jujutsu skills, enabling him to face formidable foes and emerge victorious.

Ino’s journey as a sorcerer is marked by dedicated training and honing of his jujutsu abilities. This training equips him with the knowledge, techniques, and strategic insights necessary to engage in battles against curses and protect the world from their malevolent influence.

As fans of Jujutsu Kaisen, we eagerly anticipate further revelations about Takuma Ino’s abilities, growth, and the evolution of his cursed technique as the series unfolds. Watching or reading “Jujutsu Kaisen” is essential to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of Ino’s character and the role he plays in the battle against curses.

Ino plays a big role in various arcs of Jujutsu Kaisen

Nanami and Ino surrounded by Transfigured Humans at Mahito Arc in Jujutsu Kaisen

In the part of the anime called the Shibuya Incident Arc, Ino does important things. Nanami asks Ino to take care of Yuji and Megumi, who are also big characters in the story. Ino’s active role in attempting to resolve the situation at Shibuya Station, where Satoru Gojo is confined, significantly impacts the story.

In this part of the story, Ino fights against Ogami and her grandson, who use curses. He attacked them, but the grandson changed into Toji Fushiguro. Ino understood how serious it was when he faced this changed and strong enemy.

Even though Ino tried hard, Toji was too strong and threw Ino off a tower. Luckily, Yuji and Megumi saved him from falling. After this tough fight, Megumi took Ino to get help from a doctor.

In the manga now, Takuma Ino is in the Shinjuku Showdown Arc of Jujutsu Kaisen. In this part, he mostly watches with his friends as a big and important fight happens between Satoru Gojo and Sukuna, two of the most powerful characters in the story.

Ino doesn’t fight anyone or use his skills in this part of the story. We will be excited to see what he does next and how he grows as the manga goes on because he has a lot of potential.

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